Green Building

J&J Building is proud to be at the forefront of the next generation of building and GOING GREEN. The membership in and advocacy of Florida’s Green Building Coalition is one of the many ways J&J shows its value added approach and long term vision. Our “sustainable” building practices provide customers with a reduced carbon footprint and Earth friendly homes that are healthy to live in and more economical to sustain. J&J homes have continually achieved Gold and Platinum status from the Florida Green Building Coalition. We are happy to share cost effective ideas with our new construction clients as well as those interested in improving their existing homes.

J&J Building is one of Central Florida's premier private homebuilding companies, known throughout the industry for building homes with award-winning green designs that inspire. From situation of the new home, floor plan and its integration into the landscape, to finishing and color selection, J&J is custom all the way. J&J offers a wide range of services including, but not limited to remodeling, renovations, additions and construction management.

J&J has achieved the Platinum Green Certification Status. The Platinum performance level is the top tier in Green Ratings. It qualifies 91 points over the minimum point threshold. That translates to notable energy savings which ultimately impacts you and your enviornment not to mention your wallet.

To differentiate certification performances, the Florida Green Building Coalition has implemented a tiered rating system as follows:

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  • Bronze = 0-30 points over the minimum point threshold

  • Silver = 31-0 points over the minimum point threshold

  • Gold = 61-90 points over the minimum point threshold

  • Platinum = 91 points over minimum point threshold

A GREEN home is a "high-performing home that is energy and water efficient, has good indoor air quality, utilizes environmentally sustainable materials and uses the building site in a sustainable manner." (Florida Green Building Coalition).

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